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The pursuit of knowledge and truth, of understanding, of wisdom is a pursuit that enables us to engage with the world in a richer manner, but that does not allow us to stop engaging with the world. If anything, the more we know about life, the greater our responsibility to use that knowledge for living.

Welcome to Friendly Mage, a repository of my techniques for, and thoughts on, experiencing the world. I am interested in how we develop the insights that reasoning allows us to judge.

The format of this site is as a collection of books:

Cosmology is a collection of short essays on how spirituality fits into, and interacts, with daily life. This describes some of the assumptions behind the other books.

Meditation is the first of the how-to books, describing the most important technique for anyone who wishes to live a rich spiritual life - becoming properly aware by being in the Now.

Mysticism gives some techniques on how to listen to the Now, including how to tune in to different currents that flow through our lives.

Magic takes the next step from Meditation, being in the now, and Mysticism, listening to the now, by giving ritual techniques for speaking to the now.

Path is a collection of essays talking about how I personally try to live a life of Meditation, Mysticism and Magic.

The Resources page gives some links to other sites that I feel are worth visiting.

Enjoy your visit and I hope that it will somehow enrich your life, if only a touch.




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