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What Can You Learn Sitting?

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10. Compassion for the Self




Our main relationship; Learning to say {\em no} when holding on to positive illusions/wishes despite negative reality. Saying {\em yes} to positive reality despite negative illusion/fear. Silent retreast, such as Vipassana, are good because the separation from others, not needing to communicate, give us a break from having to meet others' expectations so we can meet our own. The path of the magician is to change the world, but only once the mage begins to encompass the world around him/herself. You grow yourself until your environment is not something you are in, but until you feel that it is a part of you, an extension of you. Then you use the same tools, the same magical practices you have been using, and they will apply to your surrounds. This expansion comes by itself. If you work on the external as external, then you inhibit your own growth. Set boundaries and there they are... If you want to do activist things now, do them as magical tasks but not to change the external world. The world needs more people to follow a sustainable longer term plan now, not more short term 'fixing'. You raise a very fundamental and important question, which has many answers depending on where you're at. The current Zeitgeist of postmodern thought emphasises the right of individual expression, in direct response to a rule-driven approach that preceded it -- most recently through 'science will solve it' rules, and before that through 'church commandments will save you' rules. Ken Wilbur's "Boomeritis" is an excellent book to read if you're interested in learning more about the issues behind our issues, and where we're going (that bit at least is good news as long as we don't kill ourselves beforehand). -- How can a practicioner ignore the state of the world? We are annihating everything in our sight, even humans eventually. How can we ignore these things? If there is a way to simply ignore these things, how do we do that? Do we just go into our own little worlds and ignore what (I supppose in my mind) is real? I happen to be a animal lover and I heard about Australia wiping out 20,000 Koala bears, because of greed. I know this site isn't for political interest, but I have a real problem with that. Animals don't have a voice. I speak for them. So what do I do to dispose of my anger. Just ride the wave and pretend it didn't happen. From a magical perspective, I believe that, although we should act to preserve the world, the intent behind our actions is just as important, if not more, than the physical effect of our actions. How can you morally save an animal through an act of anger that will cause more harm as its' resonance flows out into the world? However once you have found your elemental balance -- and that is where the Bardon work comes in -- and can act out of love for both the animal AND the people hurting it, then you should not sit back and act through not acting. -- I have heard that if you are content in your own little world, than it makes the big world a better place. Yes, but out of love and compassion towards your own self inevitably flows love and compassion for the world, which is the only healthy source of intent that you should release as a mage. -- I guess I am starting to lose my faith in everything, because this world is starting to be controlled by greed. Can someone give me some insight? I am sorry to bring everyone down, but I am very upset with the state of affairs in the world. Any input would be appreciatied.. More and more of us are striving towards balance, towards compassion, towards growth. Yes, there is much pain and suffering, and through the instant communication we have now we're aware of much more than we ever were before. However there is also much growth and much progress being made. Work on yourself and don't give up hope. Find the love for yourself and nurture it into compassion for those who are hurting the world. Look at all the good work that is being done, not just the acts of those who are preparing their way to learn through hard lessons.





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