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Why is Subtle Energy work good for Liberation?

In a nutshell, my understanding is that the world is a projection of many higher currents, and we're one. But through our intellect we have a little bit of influence in the projection as well. Similar to a computer game controlled by a master program that runs the world, players who have some control over the characters, and AI in the characters themselves. We wrest control from our 'players' by using our free will as much as we can, and unless we learn to sit and listen we can't tell physical causal events from externally manipulated physical events, or intellect/emotions that come out of the free will machine from messages from the HGA.

Doing subtle energy work lets you get a better feel whether the world around you is changing smoothly indicating something started earlier and running it's course through natural causal change (imagine a ball rolling along a pool table) or through other control (the magnetic remote control pool ball Maxwell Smart used :-) ). Starting with the four elements lets you get the gross material plane influences sorted out before moving on to the interesting stuff :-)

Naturally people begin to think they have lots of power, and indeed they do, but it's an AA battery compared to what's really going on. With the commitment to carry on to the abyss that eventually becomes more obvious. Or not, I guess. Crowley knew that it was only when you got there that you could decide whether to go the white or black path, i.e. doing what the HGA manifested you for -- and get the full support in your daily life! -- or walk away and have true free will, but you have to find your own energy sources. They're there, but it's like our non-sustainable fuel usage. See Chapter 21 of Magick in Theory and Practice in Liber ABA, for example.

I think the interesting thing in Western Hermeticism is that it gets you to make more immediately apparent practical interactions with the world you live in, on the way to the HGA. Lots of Eastern styles do also, but it is much subtler -- focusing on Boddhisatvas, etc in the right meditative state is straight out magical work. It's reaching so high though, that immediate benefits are tricky to ascribe to that work. Do similar work with the elements and you get much more clearly linked results. I like the Hindu idea of starting with Ganesh as the power for material manifestation before you move on to the big guns.




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