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What Can You Learn Sitting?

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3. Changing Breath


Watch your breath without changing it.
Is it deep? Or shallow?
Fast? Or slow?
Now imagine yourself as angry, intense, upset.
How has your breathing changed?
You are sad, hurt, fragile.
How are you breathing?
You are filled with joy, shining with happiness!
How is your breath changing?
Explore other emotions, other breaths.
Then start again, watching only the still point after breathing out, the point of change.


Our breath is a reflection of our body, and our body is a reflection of our moods. Happy we open up and breathe one way. Sad we tighten and gasp for air. Angry we fill with power and short, firey puffs. Yet we are always breathing. No matter how you feel, you can focus on your breath.

Your breath reflects your mood, but it also helps maintain it. Regulate and shape your breaths and you regain control over how you react to the world around you.





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