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What Can You Learn Sitting?

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2. In and Out - Out and In


Take a few slow breaths.
Let yourself draw a breath in deeply, following it into your body.
Expel it and ride the breath into the space around you.
Imagine air as visible, the effect of your in breath seen as a stream flowing into you.
Your out breath creates movement dancing away from you.
The tiny amount of air you breathe in and out merges with the constant flow around you.
Your out breath is sucked away from you.
Your in breath is pushed into you.
You are like a balloon, inflating and deflating with the breath of the world.


Breathing does not end with your mouth, your throat, your lungs, the blood vessels that carry oxygen to every cell, and back. Your whole body is involved, and the body of air surrounding you affects, and is affected by, your every breath. You are breathing in the Universe and the Universe is breathing you.

There is calm in breathing in a closed room. There is power in breathing outside with the wind. And the stillness between breaths is available everywhere.





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