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What Can You Learn Sitting?

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6. Response


Begin by observing the sensations in and around your nose as you breathe.
Now move your attention to the top of your head. Observe your scalp. Notice all sensations.
Then leave these behind and move your awareness to your face. Explore every muscle, every part -- but only observe. If there is tension, leave it be. If there is itchiness, let it itch. Notice, observe, and then move on and leave that part, those sensations, behind.
Also, do not let yourself be drawn to another part of your body through sensations.
Move your awareness from head to neck, shoulders,
left arm, left hand to the fingertips,
right arm down to right fingertips,
front of the torso, back, buttocks and groin area,
left leg, foot, toes and finally the right.
Now reverse and move your awareness back up to your scalp, one part at a time.


There is a constant stream of sensations flooding our awareness. We have learnt how to observe past our filters, becoming more fully aware of the focus of our observations. The next lesson is to choose what we focus on, rather than having our awareness drawn to any areas where our filters have been overcome. When you sit still and move your awareness over your body slowly and carefully, distracting sensations of pain and irritation will arise. We can choose to move on even if a part of our body hurts. We can choose to move on to the next part we choose, even if another part of our body hurts, asks for our attention. We can choose to stay with a part of our body, even if it hurts too much or other parts want our attention. This training helps us move from a habit of stimulus -> response to stimulus -> choice -> response.





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